Pool Table Installations in Gaithersburg

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Professional Pool Table Installations

We can help you with your pool table installations if you need it professionally assembled, leveled, and the cloth installed on it.  Our experienced pool table installers have all of your billiard setup needs take care of.

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Pool table installation is technical in nature and should be done by a trained pool table installer.  Since we move pool tables we naturally have experience in the pool table installation side of the business.

On a side note, many people don’t know that the best time to refelt the pool table is during installation so if you are considering moving or buying a pool table, check your options for new cloth when we install the pool table for you.  Generally one does not need to to a professional pool table recovering during a move.

Why should an experienced service do your pool table setup?

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During an extensive leveling process, our technicians precisely set, shim, wedge, and level the slates using sensitive leveling equipment to make sure your pool table installation is done to the highest quality for optimum performance. 

After leveling your pool table refelting takes place, this is where we place the felt on the table.  If you get new pool table felt when we do your job, it’s covered for an entire year also!  Re-felt the table during a pool table assembly job and save money.

Our professionals are also shuffleboard installers.

You’re also covered by our exclusive service guarantee issued by the only organization in our industry, the ABIA.  Every pool table assembly we do will come with this guarantee in writing and unlike most of the other independent installers, our company actually honors it.

Pricing for a pool table setup around Gaithersburg

The pricing on an installation of your pool table will depend upon a few circumstances.  Check our pool table room sizes page for information about that.  If the table is in the room already, will there be stairs, what the table size is and if a new cloth is needed for refelting the table during installation?

Information needed for a pool table assembly?

It helps to get the following information before contacting us, this will give you a head start on your job:

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  • Size of pool table we will be installing
  • Is the pool table in the room or will we take it up or downstairs?
  • Is your cloth in good condition or would you like to change it?
  • Is this pool table a 3 piece or 1 piece slate? Important for a pool table setup.
  • Does the table have a drop pocket build or a ball return system?

*We can add Championship woolen felt or upgraded tournament grade worsted cloth for additional charges but you save if we refelt the pool table at the time of installation.

Our Pool Table Assembly Guarantee

The ABIA guarantees all of our pool table setup appointments for leveling and quality on all applicable pool tables for an entire year after service.

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